Theodros Tadesse

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Theodros Tadesse sings Ethiopian Orthodox Christian song.

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  1. Absolutely! For He is the truth and the way! You must have studied the true
    Tewahedo Orthodox Christian way, brother/sister! Keep it up!

  2. My brother, I think you are not positive thinker or already filled with
    protestant teachings. Otherwise I my self grew up in orthodox church and
    know every teaching of the church and as I am matured one (currently)
    compaire against Lord’s and Apostil’s teachings. I find no problem. The
    church blesses God until know and for ever. It is your personal problem not
    to have strong relationship with Jesus. But the church teaches the truth.
    It is upto the people to accept or deni it. God Bless you

  3. This is a beautiful service. I have always thought that the purpose of the
    church lessons were to leave you to be inspired to a better person going
    out than you came in. I believe this did.

  4. the applause is for what he is saying it touches your heart…..not for the
    performence……listen to it again

  5. without beautiful Mezmur the Tewahido faith will lose. The church should
    welcome creativity in Mezmur and how it is presented to the audience. The
    church should be a place of worship with songs and chants. Let the
    creativity flow/. The church should chances with the times.

  6. What a voice…this guy, has he born in the Western world, he would have
    been world class artist. I like all of his songs. but they are rare

  7. I love every thing , except “TAMAGN BEYENE ACTING WILED AND BEATING THE
    DRUM WRONG ” LOL…..Teddy is so talented …

  8. I may lose my job tommarow , I will know at 10:00 AM las Vegas time. I’m
    not Ethiopian or even Africian, I’m Irish americian, a Las Vegas taxi
    driver. A friend sent me this video, it put a smile on my face, but I’m
    still depressed. I really tired and said, I’m starting to cry. I love
    Ethiopian people so much, I enjoy thier kindness , and making them smile.
    Thanks for this video. Daniel.

  9. WOW ….THEODROS TADESSE>> what a distinguished voice that is! Indeed god
    is using him well hope we will see more works down the road…..fro these
    individual artist individually or collectively ….

  10. Protestand based on German, Catholic based on Rome, Orthodox tewahido based
    on ETHIOPIA ..God bless Orthodox Chirstian. Brothers and Sisters if we read
    bible a little more we can do a ot better.

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