Things Habesha Parents Say To Their Kids

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This video was all for fun, we were bored so we all decided to make a video on things most habesha parents would say to their kids. AGAIN This was all for fu…

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  1. Lol my mom does that phone thing all the time.ANd whenever I want to go tothe mall she only gives me 10 dollars TF so I have to go to my dad -___-

  2. ma goodness i guess u ain’t got a busy day these days. It is supposed to be a joke and i wonder what kinda jokes make u smile. This is a best video and i dont know wat to say but im guessing u are over age lol.

  3. Wtf @uknowmehuh…
    Anyways all I gotta say is don’t have one til you’re thirty they’ll drive u nuts

  4. I see where you coming from but I think any Ethiopian parent (like myself) understand this is ONLY for fun, unless they’re really republican…(Just joking, woud ayenalemmekonen be’ename enda’ynadedubegne askedeme adera elalehu) 🙂

  5. In Israel they scream in the srteet, screaming hello to the other ethiopian woman in the other side of the street and strart talking, and asking ethiopian kids who is your mother, father…:D good to know it happens in america too

  6. how habeshas love and care would probably be boring to Watch cuz it most likely is no different to how other people love and care, this video is fun because we know all habeshas are like that, and probably only habeshas, in fact it wouldnt be funny to Watch how they love and care

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