Tigist Afework – Abatateke – Bahilawi Zefen

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  1. It dragged me back to the olden time of Gebriye and Ase Tewodros. Gebreye was his right hand by then… God Bless Ethiopia.

    Thanks Dire Tube.. I love u TG.

  2. Beautiful county, people , and culture. I miss soo much my beloved home. God Bless Ethiopia and beloved Ethiopian people. Thank you, Tigist and Dire Tube.

  3. Do you know Tewodros?
    Was he an hero or a pussy who committed suicide because of he was scared of the British force?
    Let the other race talk but Gonderes are not lucky enough to have an hero who stood and fought in Ethiopian history, Gojjames have Belay Zeleke Oromos have Adesa Aga, Tigres have Alula Abanega and Gonderes have a big mouth which runs on empty.

  4. thank you for teaching this wimp some history.my guss is he is one of those shintam weshela bands who dont know what they are talkig.

  5. you must not Gander very much,dej.azm.Ayalew,Amoraw wubneh Dj,Asfaw Tesema,Demis Tesema and many many Heroes and foregate atse, Fasil and the Gonder dynasty..

  6. Great song !! Great performance!!…amazing dancers!!….Incredible people of ma beloved country Ethiopia!!….Love you all!!….

  7. This text is to a person a/c name Nazeret who left very stupid comment about this song.
    I’m so shamed of you dedeb & empity animalized or sick person. I’m sure if u have normal brain, u’re mind doesn’t let write this dirty comment concerning our special and the only one Ethiopian king the loved, brave, gehna, gifted, unselfish, super hero &golden king, Atse Tewodrose. His thinking & dream was so big & advanced to transfer not only his loved country but also to every black people in big black ki

  8. Jan Amora,Beyeda,Armachiho,Belessa ,Ebenat,Deberetabor Aba jale Gonder …Ye Kassa Ager…Love you Gonder!!

  9. brother u are more kind than me ,they will never Understand What ASE TEODROS IS OR MEYESAW KASSA…this are parasite that comes from the East and the south some times from the north we who they are but they can never break our will ..that is promis!!!

  10. This is the most Ignorant comment i have read in my life.honey,if u don’t know history please try to go back and read before u start giving your stupid comments.am not even from gondor,and i know how great tewodros is.He is a legend,a hero,a brave man who wouldn’t back down and not scared of death.what he did is beyond measure.there is no one alive who is as brave and smart as he was.as it was said…he was a man before his time.please.what u said is just too stupid, i wonder if u know that!!!

  11. Are you retarded to understand, remember or make analysis about history? I think you have been inflated with inferiority complex. I can guess where you are from inferring your stupid attitude. I am not worried about what you said. The world can speak about him no more from some stupid people like you. My worry is that the prevalence of retardation is getting worse in Ethiopia due to Iodine deficiency. you are the result of that deficiency. Please seek a treatment!!!


    The 44th President of the United States of America “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA” The greatest black man… that ever lived!


    REV. 16:16

    There will be “nowhere to hide” once Israel is attacked! God’s… promise to man! The battle… begins. OBAMA, was born for this very day! The “Son Of Man” is coming home to where it begun, JERUSALEM.


  13. Who is that little mice Nazret coming from? Huh!! u talk ill aganist tewodros? you must be something illicit in your system. aren,t you?

  14. fucken bitch! Theodros is the brave man in the world. Do you know his principles? He was simply a genius man. You must have a skull having only ‘nift’. fuck you. I know you are jealous in his wonder history. I will not let tedi down in your shit comment. Inferior mind. son of prostitute.

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    ” My Father perseveres because His children are His Creation and He will not allow them to be taken by Satan. So jealous was Lucifer, that when My Father created man in His Own Likeness, he vowed to fight to the last day in order to turn man against His Creator.. You must, all of you, turn to My Father and beg Him to salvage your souls and to protect you from following the beast on the road to perdition.
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