Traditional Amharic Music- Dereje Zefen- Wub Hager Gonder

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Traditional Amharic Music- Dereje Zefen- Wub Hager Gonder.

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  1. שיר מאוד יפה משלב גם את ההיסטוריה הנפלאה שהשארתי מאחור וגם את המדינה בה אני מתגורר כיום….המשיכו להניעם אוזניי אנשים….לייק…

  2. Very beautiful song from the wonderful history I left behind and the country in which I now live …. continued motivate them ears of people …. Lake …

  3. It is very touching for those who know Gondar very well. I am so impressed with your nice music. I appreciate you Dere. Keep up with the good work. Our heart is always with Gondar. you are proud of you. God bless Gondar.

  4. Kedare eske dare yanche zena iewralehsal gonder gena gena gena gena gena gena!!!!!
    Tank you derje enwdhslen !!!

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