Watch Ethiopia – WINTA: The Show – Episode #31 on KonjoTube

Watch Ethiopia – WINTA: The Show – Episode #31 on KonjoTube the popular Ethiopian videos website

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    This is wonderful start and you need to consider that those negative comment comes from those one in a millions. We the  millions, we don't comment, but steel we love you so much.You are young and beautiful ,you are doing the best. Please don't discourage by the Negatives

  2. hey guys, the show is good and I likr your energy. howevere, rega belu youni atenkelke. give eachother the chance to talk, you making your gust an easy when you do that. good luck bertu

  3. ere Girum mekerebu alaweknem enji bizu teyake neberen any who Dear Girumeee why gen ye paris lij abay yelewem??????? no way winta ena yoni mechit delet yebelachu hulem adenakiyachu negn for all ure work Tsegayenm wez up wez up belulegn……

  4. ምን ኣይ ሆፕ ትላለህ ዮን ኣዲስ?  ሆፕህ ይውለቅና።  እሷ ተሻለች ዛሬስ።  በሳቅ ነው ዮናዲስ የገደልከኝ፣  ሆድ ሊበሰኝ ነበር ያልከው።  ይመችህ ብቻ።  እንግዳህ ሲጨናነቅ ኣንተ ወደ መልካም ስሜት መምራት ኣለብህ እንጂ ኣንተ ኣብረህ መጨናነቅማ የኣስተናጋጅ ምግባር ኣይደለም።  

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