Watch Ethiopia – WINTA: The Show – Episode #44 on KonjoTube

Watch Ethiopia – WINTA: The Show – Episode #44 on KonjoTube the popular Ethiopian videos website

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  1. I have tried to watch some of these show called Winta —- the worst show ever existed.  You guys have tried to be funny, but horrible especially the guy.  He has no clue what journalism is.  To tell you the truth, this show is full of immature staff.  Your gusts are really nice because they have tried to help you especially Neway Debebe, but you guys skill goes from bad to worst.  Thanks to technology these days you can find a bunch of information about your gusts easily if you try to do research.  Try to watch some other professional shows that you can learn from.  Winta try to reduce your fake laugh and use chronological order for your questions.  Anyways, take this comment as a construction criticism.

  2. @ yoni ur nice but u talk a lot and ur jock is not funny some times u even make some mistake so try to see ur video and change some things i hope u will understand.

  3. ዮን'ኣዲስ፣  መረን ሳትለቅ ተጫዋችነትህን ቀጥል።  ዊንታን ኣታይልባት፣  መከበሪያህ ናት። 

  4. ድንቅ ነው ኣጅሮች።  10 ምርጦቻችሁ ተደጋፊ ናቸው።  በሚቀጥለው ዝግጅታችሁ መጥተን እስክንተች መልካም ግዜ።

  5. @፴፬፡፳፫"የደቡብና የምናምን"ብሎ – እንደገና ለማስቀየስ መሞከሩን እጅ ከፈንጅ ተይዘሃል – "የምናምን" የምትለው መግልጫ እንዴት የቅንብር ክፍሎችን አምልጣ እዚህ ልትደርስ ቻለች ?

  6. Winta and Yoni programachuh betam yamiral.
    Yoni top ten #1 Maila Lukas song welayta ena awegna; it is one part of agew in Dangla, Injbara around Bahir dar.
    You should reed the title before say somthing if you don't know instead of saying "Mamila Lukas welayetegna ena minamin ". That is not good bro ♡♡♡

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