Watch Ethiopia – WINTA – WINTA: The Show – Episode #17 on KonjoTube

Watch Ethiopia – WINTA – WINTA: The Show – Episode #17 on KonjoTube the popular Ethiopian videos website

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  1. This is wonderful start and you need to consider that those negative comment comes from those one in a millions. We the  millions, we don't comment, but steel we love you so much.You are young and beautiful ,you are doing the best. Please don't discourage by the Negatives.

  2. Strong message thank you for pointing that out.
    All I want to add is be realistic and try to remind yourself that, where and how you got here. Have some self respect and try to be honest, cause tomorrow will be another day that you will be back at it. To that day to day work. 

  3. Wow? you guys made my day. The one you said about people who lives USA and UK, both of you right what you said i used to think life so easy by living modern world but now I'm living here USA I saw it enough as u said I saved some $$$$$ I'm going etho soon I will not pretend or act the way I made $ is easy. Just god knows what I have been through. Long story short I'm not living life here I'm living by assuming I will start living life one day when I don't know. Please keep up Teaching and Entertaining? If u can please go back show us some oldies music because there is no better then those. Sorry I said a lot bey now.

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