Watch Ethiopia – WINTA – WINTA: The Show – Episode #19 on KonjoTube

Watch Ethiopia – WINTA – WINTA: The Show – Episode #19 on KonjoTube the popular Ethiopian videos website

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  1. are you high or something? (the girl) I grew up abroad, and jesus even I speak better amharic than you lol or is that supposed to be "cute"? butchering a language your target audience speaks as their first language. haha these fobs trying to be white. and get a room.

  2. First yoni yarda lij yemechek bro, but winta is a mace she don't know what she doing, she have no respect for art and artist period, we she first start on the show she had no accent now she tripping , get media training b4 you practice on the guests, you shut close your mouth and learn from yoni yarda lij, 

  3. Hi, winta show producers first of all get some not or. Be prepared for the show most of time you guys confusion what you talk even your first language Repeat again and again and laughing like a kids non stop pls pls be professional as show !!!

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