What Habesha Mom’s say…

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  1. um…what’s tseleem? im somali so i don’t really know lol. also, nice job
    habeshas! this was funny as hell, & i can totally relate to the music part
    and the report card part.

  2. you girls are so beautiful. lol @ “i’ll play this at your wedding”<<<thats
    the stuff my mom always says. respect to you girls, keep doing ya thing. =)

  3. Oh puhleaze! Talk of false sense of importance! Y’all might as well just
    move out of Africa and cross over to the Mid-East where majority are “your
    kind” instead of spewing all zis bullshit! Urgh! Habashis like you make me
    wanna puke my senses out. Come on it’s 2013! Get with it and grow the fuck

  4. What’s true? From your name it’s obvious you’re not Habesha so I don’t know
    how you can relate to this. Smh!

  5. forget what those haters say plz make more videos???? my mom askes me why
    when i say mean things i say it in tigrina and i tell her cuz she only
    talks to me in tigrina when she is mad….witch is most of the time but i
    love her anyways and you guys r awesome tooo

  6. @محمدالشيخ‎ Habesha basically refers to the group of people who ruled the
    Abyssinian empire and they were from the tribes of Amhara, Tigrinya, Gurage
    and Tigre. That was before Ethiopia and Eritrea split into two countries.
    Amhara, Tigrinya and Gurage are found in Ethiopia but Tigre is a tribe in
    Eritrea but Eritreans also speak Tigrinya which makes them Habesha too. So
    the term Habesha refers to the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea who speak the
    above mentioned languages. Hope I helped.

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