Where is Ethiopia Located ? Boston MA

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wayygude productions Me and one of my good friends went around downtown Boston asking people if they knew where Ethiopia was located. We got a few mixed answ…

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  1. i agree with you they dont know any thing about the out world like some
    bullshit they say it about the muslims and arabs by name of terrorism and
    they believe any thing on the news and most of ppl they have dont passport

  2. Haha i now it but do you no were Belgium is ? I m an Ethiopian wo lives in
    Belgium 🙂

  3. I think everyone just care where KENYA, Soauth africa, Nigeria and Egypt is
    Located…every where else they don’t know….which sucks coz ethiopia
    should be more identifiable coz they have restaurant all over…on a second
    note, i aint coming to boston, seems like everyone there is an ignorant

  4. @prosperityx3 there are many etnic gropps which r fully muslims llike Afar,
    Harari, somali (Ethiopian), silti .. I can go on lol which simply means ur
    wrong 😉

  5. Ethiopia means a burnt face it’s a Greek word by the way!! Any hoo thanks
    for letting me know the Arabic version,

  6. Yes they fucking are, don’t fucking bullshit here. Ethiopians are just as
    bad as those vile, self-hating, half cast non-Africans that reside all over
    North African countries such as Morocco and Egypt. Nothing but a bunch of
    dirty arab goats. GTFO of African demons.

  7. HAHAHAHA I swear you are jealous! wow sweety that ain’t good for you. Don’t
    hate Appreciate.

  8. lol @ this “proud” African. Europe has some of the most pitiful schools
    I’ve ever had the displeasure of working in.

  9. Who’s obsessing over the “country”(shithole)? You think us giving billions
    in aid is “obsessing”? LOL, that’s nothing for the USA and Europe.
    Considering we spend around 800 billion a week to bomb arabs to kingdom
    come. Dog fuckers, any evidence to support that? Unlike you monkey-eating,
    aids infested subhuman apes, we try to get actual evidence before spouting

  10. I live in New York, and work for Deutsche bank. I’ve been to Europe, Asia,
    and South America, and I went there on a legitimate visa, unlike you apes
    illegally immigrate to western countries. While it’s true most middle class
    kids are dumb as fuck, as least they can read and write, unlike Africa’s
    illiterate, uneducated, disease-ridden youth.

  11. i love the dude who answered the one million dollar answer.”SOUTH OF
    ERITREA ,WEST OF SOMALIA.” smart guy.

  12. That last part is so one sided, I’m sure dude schooled you, which is why
    you cropped it out. ethiopia is that one whore that let’s all the homies
    hit. Just because they’re the one African nation that laid on her back and
    willing opened her legs and got fucked unlike the rest of our continent
    doesn’t give you something to be proud of. And still to this day, legs wide
    open, being used, bought by western countries. But all the money in the
    world can’t be spent to cure the ghastly AIDS you’ve contracted from all
    the years of laying on your back and spreading your legs.

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