Who Really Rules The World?

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  1. please search a matter. the pope is the beast, vatican is the harlot, and
    the mark of his authority is the changing of sabbath to the first day of
    the week with no scriptural evidence to do so, basically making his word
    better than God’s

  2. Mohamed? Your need to do your homework better. Hollywood and the whole
    world is ruled by ZIONIST, Jewish Zionist. Look it up and research before
    you comment please.

  3. In the end….Dutch-land will be lost to rising seas! If they really were
    the ones running the Earth, they would have foreseen this & enforced
    decades ago, the reduction of pollution & such!

  4. because Muslims have their own agenda by wanting to take over the world and
    kill infidels. Eventually that MIGHT happen.

  5. And if people are stupid enough not to consider that…. Man had plans, but
    The one and only almighty God will and does decide if they will
    happen.There is none like God, Jesus, and the holy Spirit!

  6. Because the illuminati like satan want to be God themselves and hate anyone
    or anything that might hold them back in there quest for godhood, they are
    self deceived. In the bible satan says “I will be like The Most High”. How
    many Most High’s can you have?, he and they are deceived. The only hope for
    humanity is for individuals to repent of their sin and believe on THE LORD
    JESUS CHRIST ! anything less leads to the lake of fire, please turn to Him
    before it’s to late.

  7. this earth is god’s footstool,nothing that happens here is new to him,your
    disbelief is your problem ,we have free will,this planet is reserved for
    judgement,nothing in the world will stop it,he is a jealous and angry
    god,his words,but he doesn’t waste human flesh if he can help it,all of
    this is foolishness to a non believer,as far as the moon to the sun,they
    don’t understand,blind is blind,seek god while he may be found,we are born
    in sin,you have to change that,while you are alive.bless ya

  8. Nobody “rules” the world. Certain groups, either countries, religions, or
    monarch control the majority of human and material resources for a time,
    but eventually decline and fail. If anything rules, it is the principle of
    entropy. Mankind cannot change the laws of physics no matter how hard he

  9. People clearly hate good but choose to like evil. People don’t care about
    the words in the song but rather the beat. Very few people care about
    getting to know God but they know almost about everything of this world
    that is not only evil but also very ones that would lead them astray.

  10. originally illuminati wasnt anything satanic bullshit crap. the church just
    made that up to black paint the atheist people a.k.a illuminati group

  11. they are greedy every single one of them not for just a little bit of money
    for hundreds of millions. so they will do anything to get it

  12. I have said that “the Advocate, the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send
    in My Name will teach you everything and remind you of all I have said to
    you” but I knew all along that only a remnant would listen and return to
    Me; these very ones who would listen to Me, I shall invest with My Holy
    Spirit of Wisdom and Insight; yes, I shall invest them with My Spirit of
    Counsel and Knowledge; and the flickering light that now is left in this
    world will become a vivid fire; TRUE LIFE IN GOD ( TLIG.ORG )

  13. hahahahahahahha you ppl make me laugh so much I bet you are fcking weirdos
    who truly beleives in the illuminati omg. and then yall say tupac
    its about stupid ppl like you with no education that believes all sorts of
    crap for exemple the illuminati bullshit. oh oops I said illuminati am I
    goint to die like micheal jackson ? hope not omg pls no 🙁 hahahaha u guys
    are ridiculous 

  14. Kakuta54, why don’t you go fuck yourself!!! you have no idea. Why do
    people have to be educated at a University designed by psychopaths to
    understand the way the world works. Michael Jackson, was the most humble,
    beautiful man on this planet. He was murdered, by that idiot Dr, who was
    paid off to do the job. I’ve been on this Planet for 61 years. What I’ve
    learnt is that the world is run by committee of 300 psychopaths, who don’t
    give a shit about you or me…. MJ song.. ” They Don’t Care About Us” he
    knew they where going to murder him.

  15. Our country has always been against its own! The world has been twisting
    more towards a “New World Order” for all to see, but many to blind to come
    back up to the realizations that we no longer have a voice to opinionate
    on. The Devil ruled this world when he deceived Adam & Eve to eat from the
    tree of knowledge which lead them in to knowing that they were in fact,
    naked! They lived life peacefully before knowing the truth. Evil has been
    around for many generations and yet has cease to amaze even the most
    ignorant human beings out there! They have cleverly promoted this evil in
    many movies and music by having all these IDOLS!

  16. The truth is that this IS the truth and when you do your research you will
    see this all makes sense.

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