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  1. This is not the right clip Tibebu make for the music. This son of bitchs what the fuck they are doing.Are they supposed to dance. My God they suck. But the music is great.

  2. ya all thought u were actually doing a better job than the original clip?? WRONG… go and learn some Wolayeta, damn it… our ethio culture is much BETTER than some copied crap

  3. i dont get y u had 2 go & use this video mate, i mean it would have been so much better if u had uesd the actual one>>>>>>>but u cant go wrong with the song……LOVE IT, bloody fantastic mate.

  4. wts with the dammin dancers mannn abo im fed up with this crap why dont they freakin tryy to make a good music video for once dose it have to be allwayyss those dammin dancers looking like carebares???

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