Zeynu Mahbub – Boontuu Jimmaa [Oromo Music]

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  1. lovely…music …really Zeynu..keep on .it…you are our boss… sii
    jalannaaa…Addaa keenyaa…ammas..guddatee akka mul’atuu..nuu jabadu..

  2. Wooooowwwwww I Love This Song OMG It Is Just Beautiful Keep it upppppppppp
    Bro……..Jabaadhu Sii jalanna!!!!!!!(selamawit)from jordan!!!!!!

  3. I am not orromigna speaker & listener but I like this music I hope all of
    you may enjoy it
    have a nice time nice music friend 

  4. Alamitu Jamal Robe wow wow baye nama tola sagalen kee akkanumaan itti nu
    fufi bootu jimaale hin dhisin baye si mararteti tank you very much suodi
    Arabia irraa yaa asali

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